just like that, we have packed away our tents nice & dry till next summer…

Since taking on the little bigtop tents formally known as Fred’s Flying Circus in Feb 2013, Circus Pazaz has been a lot of fun & hard work to match. We’ve had some wonderful feedback, often with some schools & events inviting us back year after year. We ourselves have made plenty of happy memories & we know we’ve made happy memories for lots of Kidz, families, teachers & members of the public, not to mention raising funds for schools as our shows are often put on as a PTA fundraiser alongside a fete or as a stand-alone event – a circus visit in your own school grounds is both novel and a fun way to entertain the whole community & fundraise! click here for more info about booking.

Like many small businesses after the uncertain covid period we were very close to closing down completely, especially as our old but well looked after tent was now well over 20yrs old and we were aware the canvas top & walls were in need of replacing. However, we are pleased to say that Tilly Twist who has been involved for the majority since 2013 has now become joint partner so it’s been an exciting 2022! We are proud to say that we did visit all the schools that we had booked in since 2019 as well as many new schools booking in 2022 – from Eastbourne to Pontypridd this summer ’22 we set up our little bigtop show in over 30 locations!

We ordered & received our new yellow & white canvas top & walls and have made a completely new stage backdrop with curtains, beautifully hand painted by Brighton seaside artist www.davepopart.com
The new Circus Pazaz backdrop & ringmat

We have featured a larger variety of performers this year than ever before, with some artists from previous years joining us again & some fabulous new additions to the Circus Pazaz team. Audiences were thoroughly entertained by our rotating cast of performers- the finely honed skills of Ringmasters Tom Roy, Marky Jay & Paddy Waters kept the shows running smoothly with the audiences in stitches of laughter, not to mention impressive juggling, diabolo & plate spinning skills. Tilly Twist was back performing her trademark hula hoop act, as well as some comedy acrobatics with ringmaster Tom Roy & duo juggling with Paddy. Our aerialists this year were the fabulous CJ Carnell with her new beach themed trapeze act, the glamorous Loz Because on aerial silks and the daring Hobbit on corde lisse with a web spin to end! Hobbit also performed an impressive handstand act as Nellie the elephant, which became a firm favourite with our audiences this year. Loz Because and Marky Jay brought their incredible plate spinning routine to the Circus Pazaz show this season, getting all 8 china plates spinning in the traditional vaudeville style with plenty of comedy to boot.

Foolish Jake joined us this year with their unique blend of slapstick comedy and beatboxing, amazing flowerstick skills and mesmerising ring manipulation. Hobbit and Jake’s child Anoush took part in the Circus Pazaz finale (whenever they wanted to), with a guest spot of trio acrobatics and always getting a huge round of applause for their appearance. Jacob Hi-Ho and Dave Stone (aka “Ballman”) appeared with us for a few stands, bringing some brilliant acts to the show – Jacob with his well-trained diabolo act and comedy unicycle skills and Dave with his unique and impressive brand of ball juggling. Chants of “Ballman” resonated around the school the next day during the circus workshops! Zaz the Clown appeared numerous times throughout the season, delighting children and adults alike with his comedy antics and skills, with Ollie and Zac his two young clowns joining him for some shows including a new magical illusion act together that got a fantastic audience response.

We also welcomed guest appearances from Miss Purple Haze with her contortion chair act, Zak Owen with his high energy juggling, a couple of up & coming performers – young teenager Harvey juggle with his rola-bola routine, perfected whilst busking at at Covent Gardens, Joe Wilcox with handstands & ball 5 juggling, and Verity B on the aerial lyra. Jade Knights with dragon staff and various other amazing skills joined us during the summer holidays as we were again shipped out to the Channel Islands for the 6th time for the awesome Alderney Week festival 2022. Here are a few photos of us in action!

You can see more of what we’ve been up to by visiting our new Instagram page @circuspazaz follow us to see more of what we do and keep up to date on our circus adventures!

Author: Matt - Clown Zaz

Circus performer, Clown, juggler, unicyclist, compare & family entertainer. Watch Zaz's interview & story filmed by the BBC http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-29133630 www.zazismypal.com or www.circuspazaz.com

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