Build-up/ Technical info

Our yellow & white ‘little’ Big Top is a single pole round tent which is 50ft/15m in diameter, we also have a matching small 20ft/7m diameter tent which we can add on to the front of the Big Top to use as a entrance. Both tents meet all fire and safety regulations & have £5m Public Liability Insurance & 10m Emloyers PL.

  • We require a flat area of minimum 75ft/22m sq of kept grass to erect the tent and to park our vehicles – 1-3 vans, no bigger than LWB mercedes sprinter.
  • Grass cutting is best done at least 2 weeks before the tent is pitched. Freshly cut grass will stick to the tent when wet.
  • You will be asked to sign a document stating that there are no underground services within the designated area (this is because we will be hammering 4ft metal stakes into the ground to hold the guy ropes).
  • We require access to electricity- 240v three pin point where available.
  • We can erect the tent ourselves OR to reduce the cost to your event we ask you to provide at least 8 sturdy ADULT helpers (over 18 years old) to help hammer in stakes & assist when the king pole goes up & comes down. Volunteers will be safely instructed to help us at their own risk, No tenting knowledge is needed, we advise sensible clothing & good footwear. Once the tent is up we will sort out the rest!
  • The Big Top tent seats an audience of 220 max
  • We can supply chair seating for showtimes at an extra cost or you can provide this yourselves – benches, chairs, even hay bales!
  • All Circus PaZaz staff & performers are members of performers union Equity and have DBS checks.
  • All show entertainment is performed with care and safety at all times. All equipment is well maintained & checked. We will only use audience members in the show if there is no possibility of themselves, bystanders or ourselves being injured in any way. We will ensure that the audience is a safe distance from the performance area. 
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