About us & meet the team

Circus PaZaz is the little circus with BIG fun! Entertainment for the whole family in the best ‘little’ bigtop circus in town! We provide self-contained children’s & family entertainment &have-a-go” circus skills workshops for all ages, perfect for any family event or festival. We also help many schools to fundraise at school fetes & during the school week with shows and circus workshops – a Circus Pazaz visit creates a wonderful event that children, parents & teachers will remember for years to come…

It has been said that Circus PaZaz are a perfect size show for a first time circus visit for many young children, though our show has something to entertain everyone from 1 to 101 years old! We think our show is a perfect introduction to the wonderful world of circus – little circus Big fun!

“The circus is the only ageless delight that you can buy for money. Everything else is supposed to be bad for you. But the circus is good for you. It is the only spectacle I know that, while you watch it, gives the quality of a truly happy dream.” – Ernest Hemmingway

If you are interested in a Circus PaZaz visit to your School or family event don’t hesitate to contact us! The Circus PaZaz team for school fundraisers is made up of 3/4 performing artists, at festivals and bigger events we often have special guest performers too!         

MEET some of our TEAM

Directors  Matthew Indge (aka Clown Zaz) and Emily Ball (aka Tilly Twist) have both been entertaining children & families for many years.  They started working together in 2013 when Matt started Circus Pazaz (as a continuation of Fred’s Flying Circus tent).  Tilly performed with Pazaz every season since and then in 2021, became a joint partner in the buisness.  They now run Circus Pazaz together, though you are more likely to catch Tilly out and about with the circus during school term time as Matt is also a busy dad of his own 2 little clowns, Zac and Ollie who sometimes join in the show.

Matt has been a clown & entertainer since he was a youngster,  he has many years experience entertaining crowds with his unique style of clowning.  The BBC take a look into Matt’s job & life as a professional clown –  you can watch it here:      http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-29133630                         

At no point during the weekend does ‘Zaz’ stop smiling.  He exudes energy, enthusiasm, joy.  The Guardian newspaper.

Tilly has loved all things circus since she was young, she attended Circomedia in 2005 and since then has been a full time performer and teacher across the world- travelling widely with charity Performers Without Borders and also working with a wide variety of agencies and companies in the UK.  Her own website can be visited here at  www.tillytwist.co.uk

We are a small, enthusaistic and dedicated team here at Circus Pazaz.  Due to the nature of our work and the artists we like to work with, we operate with a rotating cast of performers.  Here’s some of the artists you may see performing in the Circus Pazaz tent:

CJ Carnell is a born and bred ‘circus kid’ She started her training watching on the trapeze and soon became a budding aerialist. CJ performs the aerial silks, loops, rope and trapeze. When not in the circus, she is studying social care and a British gymnastic and circus instructor. CJ likes the colour red and has also been known to juggle, walk the globe and hula hoop… https://www.cjcarnell.com/

Tom Roy is a seasoned performer and ringmaster, having spent some time working with Chaplins Circus.  He is a fantastic juggler, as well as having a wide variety of skills to entertain and impress.  When not out with the circus, Tom coaches parkour for adults.  Tom has also toured with Performers Without Borders and has worked with us at Circus Pazaz since 2019.  You can see more of what he does on his facebook page here

Some other performers that have graced our ring here at Circus Pazaz are featured here below, we hope to welcome them again to the big top in 2023!

Marky Jay – Comedy Ringmaster, Diabolo, Plate Spinning https://www.markyjay.com/

Loz Because – Comedy, Aerial Silks, Plate Spinning, Hula Hoop http://www.lozbecause.com/

Paddy Waters – Comedy Ringmaster, Diabolo, Juggling

Foolish Jake – Ring Manipulation, Comedy mime, physical comedy https://www.seriousmischieftheatre.com/

Hobbit – Handstands, Corde Lisse and web spin http://www.acrobaticadventures.com/

Jacob Hi-Ho – Diabolo, Unicycle, Juggling, Rope walking http://www.jacobhiho.com/

Dave Stone – aka “Ballman” – Juggling, Ringmaster

Miss Purple Haze – Contortion, Aerial Hoop

Zak Owen – Juggling, Unicycle

Harvey -Juggling, Street Shows, Rola-Bola

Jade Knights – Flow Arts https://fireknightscircus.com/

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