School fundraising info at a glance…

     Fundraising Info for schools and school PTFA’s

We are VAT registered and continue to offer competative fees for our services in return for a mutual share of help/duties that are necessary for the circus to take place –  for both the benefit of the school fundraising as much as possible and because we believe “It takes a village to raise a circus” – Putting on a circus for your school is a fun community event that will be remembered for years to come.

Our fees start from £2150 – for full price list and more details, please contact us

  • Our ‘little’ Big Top can hold a maximum audience of 220 (this includes babies/under 2’s).
  • Your school can sell tickets for each show (up to 3 per day) at the (recommended) £6-7 per head which can be a total of £1320-1540  per show!
  • As an example: If you charge your tickets at £7/ticket and sell up to 215 tickets to each show:
    2 shows could raise you approximately £2,900
    3 shows could raise you approximately £4,500
    This means you can not only pay back the cost of our visit but still also raise a minimum of £500-£2000+ from ticket sales alone, whilst putting on a community event for your school and local area!!
  • You can use the circus as a stand alone event or as a focal point as part of a larger event and have stalls selling refreshments ( though we sell the popcorn!) or other items to really make the most of your fundraising event.
  • For details of the different options we offer and prices, please contact us    for our info pack – though we are also happy to tailor something to suit your event if you don’t see an option that suits you                          
  • During school week we offer circus skills workshops for the school children, sometimes the school and PTFA team up and split the costs of a show day and a workshop day – These workshops are a safe and interesting tool for teaching children & adults to work as a team and help to increase play, concentration, coordination skills and self esteem levels, so can also be tied into the PE curriculum.
  • Perform your own circus show! This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to really get involved and have a proper taste of circus, as well as raising funds for the school. Key Stage 2 Topic ‘The Circus’ can be covered in a memorable and completely affordable way. Children must be available for a minimum of 3 hours (in total) and with them we create their very own circus show.  At showtime, the parents arrive to watch not one but TWO shows – first the incredible children circus and after an interval (PTA refreshments can be sold) everyone can be entertained by the PaZaz circus show!  This has proved to be a truly magical experience that both kidz, parents & teachers will remember for years to come!
  • We encourage schools to pursue the circus theme before, during or after our visit, learning about the history of Circus or using the tent as inspiration for an art class for example.   Circus poster, circus costume & clown face designing competitions are all examples of things that have worked well for schools we have visited in the past.
  • Smaller schools have joined together with another school in their area or worked with a parish or village council to put on an event for the local community.
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