School fund-raising info

        Our Fees & Fundraising Info for schools and school PTA

  • The ‘little’ Big Top can hold an audience of 230.
  • Your school can sell tickets for each show at the (recommended) £5/6 per head which is a total of £1,380
  • Our school 1 day/1st day fee is £1,450 – therefore the profit from 2 or 3 shows at your school fete could potentially be £4000  any revenue from the pta fund-raising like face painting & refreshments, BBQ etc.
  • If you require more than 1 day our cost is then reduced from £1450 to £950 each day, as the set up work has already been done & travel is not an issue.                                         
  • During school the week. Circus skills workshops for all of the school children Or an individual class of aprox 35 can learn & perform the children’s circus show after school for friends & family plus 2 fundraising shows. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to really get involved and have a proper taste of circus, as well as raising funds for the school. Key Stage 2 ‘The Circus’ Topic can be covered in a memorable and completely affordable way. Children must be available for a minimum of 3 hours (in total) and with them we create their very own circus show.  At showtime, the parents arrive to watch not one but TWO shows – first the incredible children circus and after an interval (PTA refreshments can be sold) everyone can be entertained by the PaZaz circus show!  In addition the school receive free teaching time for the chosen 25 children. In a real bigtop they will learn a number of clown & circus routines. This has proved to be a truly magical experience that both kidz, parents & teachers will remember for years to come!  These workshops are a safe & interesting tool for teaching children & adults to work as a team & help to increase play, concentration and self esteem levels.
  •  If you are a large school the more days you have You’ll have even MORE fun & make MORE school funds! Your school could even incorporate our Circus visit into your school fete on Saturday, many schools have circus skills on friday followed be the saturday school fete.
  • We encourage schools to pursue the circus theme before or after our visit, learning about the history of Circus. Circus poster, circus costume & Clown face designing competitions are great to see in the school when we arrive.
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